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Historic Seaside Town

Awakening from its traumatic past, Zadar is a beautiful seaside town that captivates the attention. With its historic old town paved by the Romans, squares with medieval churches and buzzing cafes, all surrounded by a 16th century Venetian fortress, everyone who has been through has left their mark. Wandering the gleaming white paved streets of Old Town, or visiting the beautiful waterfront, you’ll feel the pull of the town’s charm tugging at your heart. There are loads of events happening in Zadar throughout the summer. Top this off with pristine beaches, and it’s clear there is something for everyone.

Did You Know?

  • In 1964, Alfred Hitchcock, stunned by the amazing colours of the sunset he witnessed from his hotel room in Zadar, declared it was the most beautiful city in the world.
  • The Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar holds one of the finest glass collections outside of Italy.

1. Sea Organ

Known locally as the Morske Orgulje, the Sea Organ is a mesmerizing attraction found along the Riva waterfront. Walking on top of the Organ built into the cliffs, the waves push air through underwater pipes, creating the organ sounds.

2. The Greeting to the Sun

Along the waterfront is a solar-powered artwork that comes alive at nighttime with different brightly coloured lights that explode throughout the glass. The installation is a presentation of all solar system planets and their orbits. Usually people are dancing and walking on top of the piece, and admiring it as the colours change.

3. The Forum

Located in the centre of town, take a stroll amongst the well preserved ruins of the old Roman city that was built between the 1st BC – 3rd AD. There are plenty of cafes located in The Forum so relax and soak up the history.

4. St. Anastasia’s Cathedral

The church itself is only open for worship rather than tours, but most travellers would visit for the great panoramic views from the bell tower.

5. St. Donat’s Church

A recognizable symbol of Zadar and one of the finest examples of Byzantine church architecture in the world, this structure will blow you away. The interior is designed so the light falls through, creating some beautiful patterns below at different times of the day. Nowadays it is a museum and is used for concerts in the summer.


1. Restaurant Kornat

Down near the harbour you will find this popular seafood restaurant that is a favourite amongst many people who visit Zadar. Restaurant Kornat offers Dalmatian specialties with a laid back, friendly service.

2. City Market

Head to the City Market to see one of the biggest and best in Dalmatia. You’ll find a mouthwatering variety of food from locally grown fruit and veg to homemade olive oil, homemade brandy (rakija) and cheese. There’s also a section where you can get cheap clothes and knick knacks if you need to pick up a bargain for the beach. Try local specialty Maraschino liqueur and the famous cheese from Pag. There are also lots of little cafes and bakeries surrounding the markets where you can sit and enjoy a coffee.

3. Lari i Penati

A favourite amongst the locals for lunch, this small street side terrace is always busy, so make sure you book a table. They offer bistro style dishes with a menu that changes daily at affordable prices.

4. Dva Ribara

In the heart of the Old Town, Dva Ribara puts a modern twist on the traditional Dalmatian seafood dishes and is rumoured to have the best pizzas in town. Reasonably priced with quick service.

5. Na Po Ure

Na Po Ure is a traditional konoba style (Dalmatia home cooking) budget eatery that serves up generous portions. The menu changes daily depending on what is found at the morning market, so you know it is always fresh and tasty. Na Po Ure specializes in meat and fish dishes, in particular shark. Wine is sold from the barrel, so there is an endless supply.


1. Maraschino Bar

The largest bar in town located by the waterfront, Maraschino Bar offers a café by day and a club with DJ music at night. There are great views from the terrace across Old Town out to sea. Whilst here, try the regional specialty of Marschino, a liqueur made from the maraska cherry.

2. Arsenal

Arsenal is an old 18th century naval service center that has been converted into a centre that displays its history and doubles as an entertainment area. There are interactive art exhibits, music, food and drinks in a laid back atmosphere.

3. The Garden Lounge Bar

On the edge of Old Town, this chic open air lounge bar on top of the city walls is the place where people come to be seen and is known as one of the coolest places to hang out in Zadar. While the cocktails may be a little pricey, there are international guest DJs playing their tunes throughout the summer and it is also host to the annual electronic music festival.

4. Svarog Bar

Inside of the old town walls, this club is known as the ultimate party destination where you can enjoy balmy summer nights while listening to all types of music from RnB, reggae, hip hop & house.

5. Hitch Bar

A minimalist nightclub located right on the sea, you’ll want to dance till you drop here in this popular venue. They have themed nights and international DJs throughout the summer, as well as concerts by locals and international artists.

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Watch the sunset by the Sea Organ. The sights and sounds are out of this world!"

Greg, Australia