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Go East!

Think you've explored Europe but never been East? Then think again. Once the 'Eastern Bloc', this was unknown territory to the Western World for decades, hidden behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet control. No longer off limits, today the youthful buzz and super vibe of  iconic cities like Krakow and Budapest combine with some of Europe’s most stunning scenery and incredible culture to make the East the place to be…

How does it work?

  • Some of the most spectacular natural parks
  • Cheap, cheap, cheap...
  • Off the beaten track
  • Bustling cities, and quirky villages

Go East!!

Classic Rhapsody

Classic Rhapsody

The ultimate Eastern European tour, from the Bohemian capital to the Croatian coastline. This trip has everything - history, culture, bustling iconic cities, national parks, mountains and the most beautiful coast in Europe. 

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Bohemian trek

Bohemian Trek

We  leave the crowds behind on the Dalmatian coast and head for roads less travelled through the rugged Croatian mountains to Zagreb, with its old world charms and edgy bar scene....

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Ottoman Trek

Ottoman Trek

This trek encompasses the iconic cities of the Balkans - Sarajevo, Belgrade and Sofia - and Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast before heading to the edge of Europe and the gateway to Asia, Istanbul!

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Balken Trek

Mini Balkan

A mini Greek trek through lands walked by gods from Istanbul to Athens including a visit to Thessaloniki and the cliff top monasteries of Meteora.

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Balken Trek

Balkan Trek

Greece and Croatia united under a sunny blast of beach culture, through Albania’s unspoilt beauty, Montenegro’s national parks all the way to the stunning Adriatic coast.

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Classic Balken

Classic Balkan Trek

From Istanbul, where Asia meets Europe, your journey begins. We trace the steps of the ancient Greeks, all the way to Athens where their culture was born. 

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Rhapsody Trek

An awesome adventure that covers some of the top destinations in Eastern Europe. Start in Prague and finish in Budapest, a top weekend in Krakow and some little gems like Zakopane and Olomouc thrown in...

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Anzac Turkey Adventure

Turkey Adventures

Explore this majestic, intriguing land with our range of fantastic itineraries...

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Mini Rhapsody

Mini Rhapsody Trek

Head over to Budapest and then journey on to Croatia on this little adventure. This is a top overland tour to combine with one of our Croatian sailing trips or the Ottoman or Bohemian Treks...

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Mini Bohemian

Mini Bohemian Trek

This is considered the perfect energised long weekend – Zagreb the vibrant capital of Croatia and great outdoor adventure in Bled..

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Grand St. Petersburg to Imperial Beijing - THE ultimate rail trip...

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Croatia island Hopper

Croatia Sailing

Explore the best of the Dalmatian coast - including some secluded bays away from the main tourist paths...

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Sail Turkey

Turkey Sail

This is pure escapism - the relaxing holiday sailing along Turkey's magnificent turquoise coast...

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Special Events

Prague to Krakow

Eastern Festive Trek

See Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria & Czech Republic during the festive period. 

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Halloween trek

Halloween Trek

Spend Halloween in Dracula's territory. See haunted castles and go to the best fancy dress party ever.

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