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Pretty Prague

It's Prague's perfect irony. You are lured by the past, but compelled to linger by the present and the future. Fill your days with Prague's artistic and architectural heritage, but after dark move your focus to the here and now in the lively restaurants, bars and clubs in emerging neighbourhoods like Vinohrady and Žižkov.

Top Tips

  • If Prague's seasonal legions of tourists sometimes wear you down, just drink a glass of Bohemian lager, relax, and be reassured that quiet moments still exist!
  • Enjoy a private dawn on Charles Bridge; sip a chilled beer in Letná above the improbable cityscape of Staré Město; or get reassuringly lost in the intimate lanes of Malá Strana or Josefov.
  • Everyday you'll uncover more reasons to support Prague's enduring reputation as one of Europe's most exciting cities.

1. Old Town Clock Tower and Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Astronomical Clock is the third oldest in the world and is the oldest that is still working today. Hundreds of people crowd outside the clock every hour to see the performance the clock puts on with parade of the 12 apostles and a skeleton that rings a bell. The quirky clock also has a few other features, one being the golden numerals set on a black background telling Old Czech time with the number 24 indicating the time of sunset and a ring moving back and forth to coincide with the time of the sunset.

2. Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is the hillside sloping down from the castle. From the hills you will find a beautiful park that offers lovely views of the city, the Petrin Tower (kind of looks like a mini Eiffel Tower) and a mirror maze.

3. Prague Castle

The castle has to be the number one attraction in Prague and is said to be the largest castle district in Europe. There are plenty of sights to be seen here such as the the jewel studded St Wenceslas Chapel in the St Vitus Cathedral. You can climb up and see the view of the city from the Tower, visit the crown jewels in the treasury, take a trip down the Golden Lane, visit the Old Royal Palace or the Basilica of St George. The changing of the guards here at midday is also worth seeing. You can wander around the castle courtyard and gardens for free, as well as seeing the changing of the guards; otherwise most other sights require a ticket for entrance.

4. Lennon Wall

This site was once a plain wall on the side of the Maltese Embassy but since the 1980’s (during the communist days to this present day), the wall has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs and any other type of inspiration people wish to offer. Take a pen or a paintbrush and leave your mark on the wall with an inspiring quote for another fellow traveler to read.

5. Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter in Prague is a very interesting area of the city to visit as well as being one of the oldest and most well known in Central Europe. A single ticket will allow you entry into the quarter to see the many synagogues, museums and cemetery for a trip back in time to when this was operating. The Old New Synagogue is the oldest preserved synagogue in Central Europe and worth the visit.


1. Hospoda v Lucerne

Hospoda v Lucerne is a hidden away restaurant in a complex where you can find shops and cinemas. They serve typical typical Czech meals.

2. Na Verandách

The Staropramen Brewery’s restaurant, Na Verandách is a great venue with lots of locals enjoying modern versions of the Czech favourites. There you can enjoy lots of different brews straight from the brewery.

3. Kolkovna

Kolkovna serves the best Czech food in Old Town. Enjoy thick soups, grilled meat and fish that are topped with unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell beer.

4. 7 Angels

Located not too far away from the Old Town square, 7 Angels serves traditional Czech cuisine and has something for the vegetarians as well. The décor is very warm and inviting playing lives music every Friday and Saturday.

5. Bistro Proti Proudu

The latest trendy bistro in a very modern and sleek interior. Bistro Proti has an all-day breakfast menu that is delicious as well as light options like soup, sandwiches and home-made desserts.


1. Cross Club

For somewhere a little different, head to Cross Club, a quirky bar made out of old car parts to make crazy lights, sculptures and DJ decks. There is a restaurant upstairs, an outdoor beer garden and a club downstairs.

2. Absintherie

In the Old Town you’ll find the Absintherie where you can experience the green fairy. Here they also do modern mixes with the absinthe, making absinthe flavoured beer and ice-cream. The bar is somewhere a little different and a great place to buy souvenirs.

3. Karlovy Lazsne

Karlovy Lazsne is the largest club in Central Europe and spans over 5 floors. Each level of the club’s décor is different, playing different types of music so it’s like going to 5 different clubs. One room has a retro light up dance floor and there is also an Ice Bar inside for an extra charge.

4. Café 80’s

Café 80’s is an 80’s themed bar and club near the Old Town that has fabulous decor (the sugar on the table is in a rubix cube!), beers and roller skating waitresses!

5. The Pub

The Pub is somewhere fun to take a group of friends and just hang out chatting. The novelty of The Pub is you get a table with a beer spout and then you need to pour your own beers. There is a big screen on the wall showing a scoreboard of how much beer your table has had to drink competing with others in the pub. You can even request a song from the touch screen on your table.

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