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In the heart of Austria

Your friends will be grün with envy when they see your holiday photos of this place. It’s lush, grün (have you checked your German dictionary yet?) mountainous, and packed with secret waterfalls and sparkling lakes. It’s a true hiker’s, paradise, a rest and relaxation stop, and a great place to sample outdoor sports. Whatever you decide to do here will be an excellent choice.

Top Tips

  • Hire some mountain bikes
  • Go Horse Riding 
  • Wake up to beautiful mountain views
  • Hike 300km of trails


1. Almsee

Located nearby the town of Grunau is the Almsee; a large lake in the Almtal valley. Part of the experience of the lake is the journey there, which is best by bike - a 46km round trip. Once you get to the lake you’ll be stunned by just how beautiful it is with its crystal clear water and magnificent mountains in the background. There is even a trail that goes around the lake which takes around 2 hours to walk. Make sure you bring your camera as you’ll definitely want to remember this place.

2. The Cumberland Wildlife Park

Nearby is a small wildlife park where you can see local wildlife, think native red deer, European bison, wolves and even brown bear if you’re lucky. Other activities that can be organised at the Treehouse Hostel include:

  • Hiking

  • Mountain Biking

  • Horse riding

  • Tennis


There are a few local restaurants in the heart of Grunau town, but the best place to eat and enjoy home-cooked meals is at the Treehouse Hostel.


Hang out with other travellers and the odd local at the Treehouse Hostel for a drink. There’s a bar in the main living room and downstairs there is a basement hangout where you can play pool, fußball and watch old movies. There’s even a vending machine onsite serving alcohol in case you are up after the bar closes.

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The hospitality here is second to none!"

Hannah, Germany