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  • Gorge on great Greek grub in Thessaloniki
  • Marvel at Meteora’s stunning cliff top monasteries
  • Athens, birthplace of western civilisation
  • Delphi, home of the Oracle
  • The stunning Acropolis
  • Party till dawn at Parga’s amazing beachside resort
  • Discover the ‘off the beaten track’ feeling of Albania
  • Scale the city walls of Dubrovnik – ‘Game of Thrones’
  • Laze on the golden beaches of Corfu

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Book now

Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro & Croatia

From Istanbul, where Asia meets Europe, your journey begins. We trace the steps of the ancient Greeks, all the way to Athens where their culture was born. We really get off the beaten track through Albania and Montenegro with its awesome scenic coast to Croatia. This immense trek straddles two continents and touches on many cultures, old and new.

What's Included

  • Your fantastic Busabout Guide and local driver
  • 10 nights accommodation, 10 breakfasts
  • Entrance to 2 Monasteries at Meteora
  • Professional local guide in Delphi, plus site and museum entrance
  • Orientation walks of Thessaloniki, Tirana, Gjorkastra, Budva, Kotor, Dubrovnik and Split

Free time

Take time out with one of our Optional Extras. Full details from your Busabout Guide.

  • Budva, the best beach culture in Montenegro
  • Thermopylae, where the Spartans battled the Persians
  • Adriatic nightlife
  • Watersports in Corfu

H: Included Highlights

F: Free Time Option

Day 1: Istanbul to Thessaloniki

It’s time to leave Istanbul and enter beautiful Greece. On the way to Thessaloniki we pop into Kavala to see a grand old Roman aqueduct. You're probably starting to get excited by this point, because the destination today is not only the birthplace of Alexander the Great, it's also famous for some of the best food and nightlife that Greece has to offer.

Day 2: Thessaloniki to Kalambaka

We have a leisurely morning in Thessaloniki before we head to Meteora, a unique and enchanting place where monasteries are elevated by otherworldly sandstone pillars. We visit two of the most important monasteries which are famous for their Byzantine frescoes and spectacular views. This is a serious UNESCO site; an inspiration to the Game of Thrones and a location for James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’. After being awe-struck by the grandeur we spend an evening in the nearby traditional Greek village of Kalambaka. (B)

H: Marvel at Meteora’s stunning cliff top monasteries

Day 3: Kalambaka to Delphi to Athens

After breakfast we drive southwards to our first stop in Thermopylae, where the statue of Leonidas stands to commemorate the heroic defense of the Spartans against the Persians. It looks a little different nowadays than what is shown in the movie 300! We continue the drive to Delphi where we have an amazing professional guide take us around the incredible site and Museum of Delphi (Included in tour price). The sanctuary of Delphi, where the oracle of Apollo spoke, was the religious centre of the ancient Greek world. After an enthralling day we head to Athens and in the evening we mingle over dinner and drinks at our hostel's roof-top bar. (B)

H: Visit Thermopylae, where the Spartans battled the Persians

H: Professional local guide in Delphi

Day 4: Athens

A day to delve into the great Greek capital. Classical Athens was a hotbed of culture and has had a huge influence on western civilisation. The wonder-inducing temples never fail to fascinate, and a visit to the Acropolis is an absolute must. During the day you have free time to discover this great city before we meet in the evening to sample some traditional Greek dancing and music. (B)

F: Explore the stunning Acropolis

Day 5: Athens to Corinth Canal to Parga

Today we head north to the Corinth Canal, a marvel of engineering that links two seas. Then it is on to Parga, a coastal town renowned for beautiful scenery and stunning beaches. We arrive in the afternoon so there’s plenty of time for you to explore, play on the beaches and enjoy the party scene. (B)

H: Party till dawn in the beach side resort of Parga

H: Marvel at the Corinth Canal

Day 6: Parga to Corfu

A ferry ride across the Ionian sea where the Island of Corfu awaits. Described by Homer as a 'beautiful and rich land' we will start our exploration of the island by visiting Corfu town, the only fortified town in Greece. Then we'll take in Corfu's beautiful beaches, mountainous scenery, Cyprus trees and sleepy villages. Tonight you can sample delicious Greek cuisine at a local restaurant, before letting loose and joining in with the raucous island nightlife in true Grecian style. (B)

H: Corfu Town, the only fortified town in Greece

Day 7: Corfu

Today is yours to explore all this island paradise has to offer. Head down to the beach this morning and splash about with some water sports. Chill out to some top tunes by the pool, walk the sun dappled streets of the tiny villages that dot this island or head out and explore some of Corfu’s white sandy beaches and hidden coves. (B)

F: Water sports in Corfu

Day 8: Corfu to Gjirokastra to Tirana

Today you enter Albania. Going through rural areas and stopping for lunch in the UNESCO world heritage town of Gjirokastra, it’s the perfect day to learn a bit about Albania’s culture. Once you enter the capital city of Tirana, you'll be amazed at just how kind the people of Albania are. (B)

H: Discover ‘off the beaten track’ Albania

Day 9: Tirana to Budva to Kotor

You continue further north into Montenegro. The town Budva is the historic capital and is one of the oldest settlements on the Dalmation coast. You'll spend the afternoon discovering why Budva really brings together all the best bits of the Balkans. Then onto Kotor nestled at the base of the UNESCO listed Bay of Kotor. You will be able to climb to the top of St John's Fortress to take in the panoramic beauty of this area. (B)

F: Climb to St Johns Fortress for a vista of Kotor

Day 10: Budva to Dubrovnik to Split

On this day we venture to two absurdly idyllic towns. First we stop by Dubrovnik in Croatia. It’s a coastal town fortress with shimmering blue seas, simply stunning. We arrive mid-morning so you have time to take a swim, walk the walls and eat seafood. We then move onto Split where we'll show you around the old city, and finish off the adventure with some excellent Dalmatian food and nightlife. (B)

F: Scale the city walls of Dubrovnik – ‘Game of Thrones’

Day 11: Split

Trip finishes after breakfast. Link up with another Busabout adventure. (B)



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