Top 6 Most Picturesque Spots in California


By Busabout
27 Sep 2019

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Travelling is an amazing experience that will give you so many new lifelong memories. But if you can make your friends turn green with envy too, that's a bonus. That’s where Instagram comes in.

Take a trip to California and you won’t fail to find Instagrammable spots that require no filter in just about all corners of the state. But where are the best places to capture timeless photos? Listing them all is impossible, but here’s our pick of the top six most instagrammable spots in California.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is undoubtedly California’s most famous bridge – and probably its most photographed. The bridge is named after the strait that connects the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. In total, it stretches over 2,737 metres. Its distinctive rusty red colour makes the Golden Gate Bridge extremely photogenic, especially on a foggy day. During your stay in California, make sure you fill your social media accounts with selfies with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yosemite National Park

After visiting cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, it’s hard to imagine a place in California when nature has been left to its own devices. At Yosemite National Park, you’ll find around 1,200 square miles of unspoilt wilderness, including some of the most picturesque forests, rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the state.

When you’re not snapping shots of the misty forests, give your camera a rest and go climbing, hiking or chasing waterfalls. If you prefer to live life on the edge, you might like to give some extreme winter and water sports a go.

Griffith Observatory

It may be a bit of a cliché nowadays, but no serious Instagrammer can leave California without a snap of the Hollywood sign. Head to the Griffith Observatory, and you can capture that much-needed photo and sweeping views of Downtown Los Angeles.

If curiosity made you a natural-born photographer, you’ll likely be interested in taking part in some of the activities at the observatory. Telescopes that look towards outer-space, planetarium shows and exhibits are common – and free – at this museum.

The Painted Ladies

Seven side-by-side houses in Edwardian and Victorian styles are colloquially known as ‘The Painted Ladies’ in San Francisco, and they’re amongst the most Instagram-worthy photos in the city. Each house is painted a different colour. Together, they look like they belong on a postcard. Set up your camera on some stairs across the street, and you’ll have a photo of The Painted Ladies backdropped by the skyline of Frisco.

Getty Center

The Getty Center is the perfect place to take shots of modernist architecture and landscaped gardens. It’s also a calling for those who love snapping pictures of art from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Positioned on a hill, the Getty Center offers sweeping views of Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean. You’ll no doubt take up plenty of storage space on your camera by spending the day here.

Balboa Park

The State of California developed Balboa Park in 1915 to prepare for the Panama-California Exposition. Now, it’s home to dozens of striking buildings and landscaped grounds as well as nature trails and several museums. The most photogenic structures include the California Tower, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Museum of Man. You also absolutely need to take your camera to the six-acre sunken butterfly garden.

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