7 Reasons To Travel With A Tour Group


By Busabout
27 Aug 2019

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Everybody has their own travel style. Some people prefer spending time wandering new destinations on their own, while others are far more comfortable knowing they’ve got a group to hang out with. And both options are ok!

Sometimes choosing to travel with a tour group can offer you the best of both worlds - especially if it’s flexible, and offers plenty of free time for when you get a hankering to head out and about solo. Here are some of the key reasons why travelling with a tour group might just be the best way to go, which will hopefully help you decide if it’s for you.

1. You’ll Never Walk Alone

Travelling alone can be either exciting or daunting. Going solo certainly has its benefits, which we cover off in a separate blog which you can read here. But for some people, they know immediately it’s not for them. Some travellers like the security of knowing they’ll always have a ready-made group to explore with.

Travel as part of a group, and you’ll experience new sights and adventures with a bunch of like-minded people. To top it off, you won’t need to worry about your personal safety when you’re with a tour guide and plenty of other travellers.

2. You’ll See the Famous and Not-So-Famous Sights

If you’re exploring a new city, you’ll no doubt want to take a selfie with all the world-famous landmarks. But we’re sure you also want to get off the beaten path to witness the sights that most others either miss or don’t know about!

Tour groups tend to tick off not only the Instagrammable landmarks, but also the hidden gem destinations that you might never have even heard of if you were travelling alone or with another friend from back home. If you’re keen to see more than the average tourist, then a tour group could be for you.

3. You’ll Get Expert Knowledge From Your Guide

Going on holiday isn’t just about seeing new things. It’s about immersing yourself in a new culture and finding out how the locals go about their daily lives. Without being able to speak the local language or even understand what’s on the menu, settling into a new destination – regardless of how long for – can be challenging and a little intimidating.

When you’re travelling as part of a tour group, your legendary Guide will be your human Google Maps. Not only will they ensure you never get lost, they can provide insights and suggestions into what to do, things to see, where to shop and what to eat. If you want to learn the ins and outs of a new area but lack the time or local knowledge to do it, your Guide is always on hand to help you out.

4. You Can Travel In Comfort

When you’re exploring a new country or entire continent on your own, one of the biggest struggles is figuring out what train/bus/flight to catch, and figuring out exactly where it will take you. Once you arrive, how do you get to your accommodation? There’s nothing worse than wandering the streets with a heavy bag, squinting at your Maps app trying to make your way to your foreign hostel.

With a group, you can kick back and relax on board your coach, knowing that you’ll be driven right to the door of your accommodation. How good is that?

5. Your Trip Will be Stress-Free

You could waste hours or days scouring the internet planning a route through your next holiday destination. You’ll need to plan pit stops, decide what and where to eat, sort out your transportation, look up additional experiences you might want to have along the way, and then of course spend time booking everything in.

If you’re travelling with a group, your Guide can do all that boring stuff for you. Better still, when you book a tour package, a lot of costs such as accommodation and transportation are usually covered as part of the total price.

6. You’ll Learn From Others

Your tour guide will be your travel guru, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have nothing to learn from other tourists in your group. You’ll be a part of a squadron, with dozens of eyes open to catch every photo opportunity. You’ll soon find that everybody has each other’s back when travelling with a group. Questions will be asked that you’d never have thought of, and you’ll likely get new ideas on where to travel to next.

7. You’ll Make New Friends

It might sound somewhat cheesy, but you’ll certainly meet new friends when travelling as a group. It’s likely that everybody on your tour will be like-minded, excitable and eager to talk to their fellow comrades. Book a tour group, and who knows? You might meet fellow travel buddies that you’ll stay in touch with for a lifetime.

For some great tour ideas around Europe and even further afield, check out Busabout’s destination page. It should be the first stop for planning your dream trip!