Busabout Mickey

Travel Expert

Busabout Mickey: Travel expert and WA/SA sales manager

Busabout to me is all about getting out there and exploring destinations in your own way!

I’ve been with Busabout for 8 years, starting with the dream job as a guide in Greece in 2012. I had the privilege of showing our energetic passengers around the Greek Islands experiencing amazing sunsets, dancing the Zorba and enjoying the best food Greece has to offer. Whether I’m strolling the ancient streets of Athens or enjoying the summer sun in Paros, Greece is a country that continues to amaze me.

I’ve also led passengers across Europe on our Hop On Hop Off coach network, Ibiza Blast, Italian Adventure and Croatia sailing trips. If you’ve got any questions about how to travel Europe, I am here to help you plan your perfect holiday!

If you would like assistance on a new trip or existing booking please hit me up at mickey.mann@busabout.com or a private message on my FB page.