Busabout Darcy

Travel Expert

Busabout Darcy: Travel expert and NSW sales manager

Travel is something I’ve always been passionate about. I remember reading books about WWII and being completely captivated by these far off places and people. I’ve always been intrigued by different ways of life and something I crave when going abroad is a culture shock.

When I finished high school I booked my first overseas trip, a 3 month holiday to Europe with my best mates. I’d dreamed about it for years and it gave me the travel bug to keep exploring. I remember asking myself how can I find a way to travel everyday? That’s when I started working with Flight Centre and got my introduction to the industry, designing holidays around the world. I then got my dream job guiding in Europe for Busabout. Three seasons later, I was ready to come home and continue to spread the good word.

I’ve travelled Europe extensively and hold a special spot in my heart for Croatia (where I guided) so if you have any questions about this part of the world I am your gal! If you’re looking for a new trip or have a question about an existing booking, I am here to help! Give me a buzz at darcy.phegan@busabout.com or send me a DM on Facebook.