Kristie Lane (STA Edinburgh Forrest Rd)23
Jade Smart (STA Victoria)22
Cleo Hampton (STA Exeter)15
Orla Mallon (Belfast Vic Square)12
Brooke Cain (STA Bluewater)8
Stacey Brown (STA Sheffield)8
Emma Graham (STA Belfast City)8
Rebecca Lowes (STA York)8
Ally Scott (Guildford)8
Danielle Patterson (STA Exeter)7
Alison Woods (STA Edinburgh George St)      7
Lynn Steele (STA Glasgow George St)7
Emma McCallan (STA Belfast)6
Eve Murphy (STA Bluewater)6
Luce Brophy (STA Edinburgh George St)6
Ellen Kear (STA Nottingham)6
Amy Hoath (STA Oxford)6
Georgia Van Der Zaln (STA Ealing)6
Sarah Johnston (STA Edinburgh George St)5
Carla McCrae (STA Manchester Call Centre)4
Laura Swannie (STA Victoria)4
Jordan Eggo (STA Lon - St Pauls)4
Sam Johnson (STA Leeds Woodhouse)4
Niamh O Donnell (STA Aberdeen)4
Jack Burton (STA Goodge St)4
Nick Sturgeon (Victoria)4

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