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Our travel style may be independent but a bit of planning and advice is always useful when preparing for your trip abroad. Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the pass that's right for you.


  1. Surf the net (and the Busabout website) for ideas on places you want to see and things you want to do. Our Lonely Planet destination pages are a good start and you can get more inspiration from our Busabout TV channel
  2. Join the dots. If you want to take it as it comes, no worries. Choose 1, 2 or 3 loops and worry about planning later. However, if you know where you want to go, just choose which pass suits best
  3. Work out your budget. Our accommodation partners work out to be about €15-€30 per person per night for shared dorms. Allow around €20-€30 per day for everything else. Remember, our passes are valid for an entire season, so you can break your trip up if you need to earn some pennies along the way
  4. Busabout Community. Got a question for the crew? Need some advice on where to go? Then post your questions here. Blog on all the issues of the day and get some feedback and advice from other Busabouters on what is going on and where
  5. After buying your pass, go to MyTrip, create your own password and start planning your trip. Reserve your seats and accommodation online with no booking fees
  6. Trip Mates. Yes, you can even start making friends before you leave home. Once you're booked on, you can opt-in and start chatting with other travellers who are on the coach of your first departure day
  7. Remember to leave some time to explore our other great Adventures. The Busabout network links up with all the major festivals too like Pamplona, La Tomatina and Oktoberfest
  8. Forget your plans – because you can! This is why we love Busabout so much - it's the way we travel ourselves. You can rip-up all your well-made plans depending on what (or who!) is happening. It's what we would do, so we encourage you to fly by the seat of your pants too. Just ask the Guide about availability and they can re-schedule your journey for you, free of charge

It's your trip, so do it your way. Have fun!

BackpackerYou're in control of your European adventure and MyTrip is your part of the website. As soon as you buy a pass, you can log in to your very own online Trip Planner: MyTrip. From here you can check availability and book or cancel bus sectors free of charge. You can also reserve yourself a bed, without paying any booking fees, just a 10% deposit. Making reservations through MyTrip is cheaper or a similar price to booking direct. (Any changes to bookings are at the discretion of the accommodation owners and these must be done through the accommodation provider themselves).

Book Early

Registering with MyTrip is easy - just click on the MyTrip icon at the top of the page and enter your details. We aim to get you travelling when and where you want, but it's worth bearing in mind that our network can get pretty busy. Therefore we recommend booking your seats as early as possible for maximum flexibility. Two weeks is usually plenty, a little longer for around festivals. You can make changes up to 24 hours before you travel so if there's space on the bus, you're more than welcome on board.

Busabout Travel Pass

The first time you jump on the coach you'll receive your Busabout Travel Pass. This holds your personal information and the details of your booking. Every time you board the bus you'll need to have this pass with you so keep it safe. It also means we know where you are on the network should there be a need to contact you. Our Guides' handheld gadgets mean you can make travel sector bookings on the bus at any time (providing there is availability) giving you even more freedom to plan your trip.

For more information on where you can stay and all pick-up and drop-off points check out our Accommodation section.

Four travellersYour travel experience doesn't necessarily begin the moment you get on the bus. Not even when you step foot on European soil. With the power of technology we bring you...

Our Community

Experiences are better when they're shared and you can join our Community even before you've bought a Busabout pass. Our Community has been developed with the following aims in mind...

Got a question for the crew? Need some advice on where to go? Then post your question here. Blog on all the issues of the day and get some feedback from other Busabouters on what is going on and where. Don't be shy with those questions! Get the news first – where we have secured extra beds, when we release more spaces on Festival trips and the latest offers. Upload your sexy photos to share with your mates or to show off the amazing time you are having.

Join our Community today.

Trip Mates

This is something we're more than a little excited about – Trip Mates.

This awesome bit of techie wizardry puts you in touch with your fellow passengers so you can meet someone to explore Paris with or down espresssos in Florence before leaving home. Our passengers are already telling us they hooked up in London and Sydney before hitting the road. Of course, opting in to Trip Mates is your choice but this is fantastic way of meeting everyone on the coach on your first departure day. Trip Mates is also available to use on all our Busabout Adventures.

Start making new friends by logging on through MyTrip

Facebook Auto-Updates

You can also opt-in to automatic Facebook wall updates. Want your friends to know where you are in Europe? Well, our clever boffins have integrated your Hop-on Hop-off itinerary to Facebook so every time you pull up in our big blue bus in a new city your Facebook wall will display a wee message telling everyone what you are up to.