One Ways

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Here's a cheeky wee fact. Each year almost every second traveller does a completely unique trip of their own. Nonetheless there are some pretty popular journeys that manage to incorporate all the juicy bits of a European region you may want to concentrate on. And, being One-Way, you can fly in to one city and depart from another so no need to revisit places you have already been to. Here are some of our faves. Let us know if you think we've missed the ultimate One-Way itinerary!

Go West

Italy, France & Spain

Long Way Round

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy & France

Alpine Pass

Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium & Netherlands

Epic Adventure

France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France & Spain

Go Roman

France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria & Italy

Sun Seeker

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France & Spain