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SunbathersGreat places to sleep and recharge are important when you're on the road. Every year we personally pick out the best value options that have friendly staff, great facilities and are clean and comfortable. The hard work's been done for you!

Most Busabout recommended places are very centrally located. When a city doesn't have great value backpacker hostels, we use awesome camping villages with pools, great bars and restaurants with frequent and easy links to the city centre. By booking at our Pick-up point recommended accommodation (we have at least one in every city) you get all the benefits of our door to- door service. We get the bus as close to the front door as possible, meaning a hassle-free arrival for you. Check-in, drop your bag and you're ready to explore.

Of course, the best hostels have the best staff so the people who work there, be they locals or travellers, will be a fountain of knowledge and advice. You'll also get to meet heaps of people from other walks of life making their own journey through Europe.

Save €€€s

Booking online through MyTrip, you can choose the type of room to suit your budget, from larger dorms to private ensuite rooms. Budget about €15 - €30 per night for a dorm bed. You save €€€s every time you book as there are no booking fees. We also guarantee you will not pay above the market rate for your beds and often they are even cheaper.

Fun City Centre Hostels

HostelOur city centre hostels are the best budget options available in each destination. Europe is a big place and the idea of 'budget accommodation' means different things in different places. Some destinations have purpose built backpacker hostels, such as the fantastic Wombats in Munich and Vienna, which have all the facilities a modern backpacker could want – en suite bathrooms, power points for all the flash-packing gadgetry, internet, an awesome bar and a vibe that is second to none – all in the middle of town. In these places not only will you find a comfortable bed but will be able to party until the wee small hours and have the help of the staff on how to spend your days.

Budget Hotels

At destinations which do not have backpacker-style accommodation, we have sourced the most suitable budget accommodation available. These tend to be 1 or 2 star hotels which offer a safe, secure and clean place to lay your head. Paris and Nice are examples of this, however both are in the middle of the city with all the delights on their doorsteps.

Camping Villages

Girls jumping into a swimming poolIn destinations where accommodation is expensive we have our third and favourite accommodation type - camping villages. Whilst these places tend to be away from the city centre they are all well connected by public transport and make up for it with their value and facilities. We have three camping villages: Camping Jungfrau in Lauterbrunnen, PLUS Camping Jolly in Venice and Camping Roma in Rome. It's possible to camp at these villages however we would recommend the cabin-style accommodations.

Why are they called villages? Well because the facilities are as long as you arm! In Lauterbrunnen Hans & Ruth will welcome you with supermarkets, bike hire, restaurants (the Rostis are unmissable), unparalleled local knowledge on nearly every mountain adrenalin sport you can think of and probably the most memorable night-spot on the network – the Bombshelter. Camping Roma also deserves a special mention with recently installed air-conditioned cabins with fridges, a swimming pool, beach volleyball, restaurants and a bar that will revitalise you after a day exploring Rome.