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Explore One Ways

We're all different. Some like their Bran Flakes in the morning; and others prefer left-over meat-feast-pizza. Some need the snooze button, where as some jump directly into a baltic shower. Whatever your way of doing things it's fine with us.

These One Way routes should satisfy all sorts. Everything is the same as our other Hop-on Hop-off passes; the only difference is that you end somewhere completely different from where you started. 

How does it work?:

    • Every 2nd day service from May to October
    • Stay as long as you like in each destination
    • Expert Guides on all departures
    • Change your travel days as often as you like
    • Book accommodation through MyTrip with no booking fees
  • Alpine Pass

    From the Eternal City of Venice we take you to the roof of Europe in Switzerland through its snowy peaks, then down though Paris to discover Barcelona and the delights of Spain. 

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  • Go East

    Begin in Paris, the city of chic, then linger a little too long in Bruges and Amsterdam to feast on chocolate, waffles and beer.  Next up is hipster Berlin, with its intense and eclectic nightlife. Potter around beautifully Bohemian Prague with its cobbled streets and colourful rooftops. You’ll finish up in Croatia, with its shimmering seas and ancient Roman monuments. 

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  • Go Roman

    Go Roman and head to the Eternal City of Rome, the Italian capital. Of course the journey is pretty special by starting in Paris and covering the best bits of Northern Europe...

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  • Go West

    From Rome, centre of the ancient world, through the home of the Renaissance, Spain's buzzing cities to Paris one of the world's most incredible hubs for art, culture and beauty.


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  • Long way round

    There are quicker ways to travel from Barcelona to Split but this trip takes you via Dutch coffee shops, the Berlin Wall, Czech castles and the ruin bars of Budapest. Try having that much fun on a plane....


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  • Sun seeker

    Sun your thing? Start off by soaking up the rays on the dazzlingly beautiful Croatian coast, then wind your way through the Italian and French Rivieras to sun-kissed Spain. Sunnies are compulsory.  


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