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Prices & Key features

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  • Every 2nd day service from May to October
  • Stay as long as you like in each destination
  • Expert Guides on all departures
  • Change your travel days as often as you like
  • Book accommodation through MyTrip with no booking fees

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Germany, Austria, Italy, France & Switzerland

From the decadence of Italy to the majesty of the Alps, every day is pure hedonism. Visit the grandest cathedrals, taste the most delicious food and then see the most majestic mountains. A South Loop will enchant you with the romance, food and history of Italy plus the awe inspiring beauty of Switzerland.

Trip duration guide

  • Pacing it - 3 weeks to 6 months
  • Racing it - 17 days to 3 weeks

How to use our calendar and timetable

  • Use the calendar and table below to work out when the coach departs each destination.
  • The Coach departs orange destinations on orange days and white departure destinations on white days. 
  • The tick on the table indicates compulsory overnights. On the map the white dot indicates compulsory stops and the black dots indicate optional overnight stops.
  • You don't have to overnight in stops without a tick. But if you stay you'll have to stay for a minimum of 2 nights.


June calendar June calendar July calendar August calendar September calendar September calendar


South Loop (12 May 2016 - 26 October 2016)

Indicates compulsory overnight stop

Munich Innsbruck 08:00 10:45 12 May 21 Oct
Innsbruck Venice 10:45 17:00 12 May 21 Oct
Venice Ancona 08:00 13:00 13 May 22 Oct
Ancona Rome 13:00 18:30 13 May 22 Oct
Rome Orvieto 08:00 10:00 14 May 23 Oct
Orvieto Siena 10:00 12:15 14 May 23 Oct
Siena Florence 12:15 15:00 14 May 23 Oct
Florence La Spezia 08:00 10:30 15 May 24 Oct
La Spezia Nice 10:30 16:00 15 May 24 Oct
Nice Lake Como  08:00 13:45 16 May 25 Oct 
Lake Como Swiss Alps 13:45 18:30 16 May 25 Oct
Swiss Alps Lucerne 08:00 09:45 17 May 26 Oct
Lucerne Munich 09:45 17:00 17 May 26 Oct

Before you book

The best things in life aren’t planned. So our trips give you the flexibility to chop and change your plans on the go. But we also want you to get the most out of your time abroad, so there are a few of things we’d like you to (roughly) plan.

You need to know your starting city. You can call us and change this later, but we need a destination for our booking techno-wizardry to work.

And we’d like a starting date so we can tell how busy the buses are going to be. You can alter this on MyTrip or by giving us a quick call. For more information download our Planning PDF

Planning With MyTrip

Let’s be honest: booking and organising travel isn’t as fun
as travel itself. But it’s necessary. And MyTrip is our way of making it easy
as possible. It’s an online travel planning tool that lets you book your beds
and travel days on the Hop-on Hop-off network. And don’t worry if you’re
indecisive, you can use MyTrip to change your plans on the go.


  • Once you’ve booked your trip you’ll receive a client reference number
  • Go to Busabout.com/mytrip
  • Use your client reference to create your own password to login
  • Once you’ve logged in you can book your coaches and beds at our Pick-Up Point recommended accommodation (no booking fees)
  • Use MyTrip to keep an eye on coach availability, add and change your coach days or even book another trip
  • Get chatting to fellow travellers through the Trip Mates tab in MyTrip