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Busabout Loops

Loops enable you to focus on a specific region of Europe or cover the entire network. We've broken the network down into 4 simplified bite-size chunks, each of which will give you a fantastic adventure. You can combine the loops in any way you want and go around them as many times as you want between May and October. Here are all the combinations. 

Key Features

  • Every second day departure from all destinations
  • Stay as long as you like in each destination
  • Expert Guides on all departures
  • Change your travel days as often as you like
  • Book accomodation through MyTrip with no booking fees

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North Loop

The Parisians have more fashionable clothes than you. In Berlin the parties go on longer than you can handle. And Vienna has prettier buildings than your home town. This is a humbling journey through Europe's heavyweights.

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East Loop

You'll surprise yourself. You'll end up kayaking on a fast-flowing river-rapid, salivating over architecture and partying all night on the Croatian coast.  You'll learn a little more about yourself and a lot more about the beauty of Eastern Europe. 

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South Loop

Our South Loop poses questions. How does Italy keep a sexy figure when the food is so tasty? And why are the Alps so idyllic? Fin the answer to these questions on our beautiful and tasty South Loop. 

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West Loop

Sip on the sophistication of Paris, guzzle down Spain's passion filled nights, and cool off in the Swiss Alps. Our West Loop is a wanderlust-quenching journey through some of Europe's strongest flavours. 

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North & East Loops

Not into the Latin countries? Too humid and a little too raunchy? Well then this is the itinerary for you. It takes you across the beautiful cities of Vienna, Paris and Prague, the historic cities of Berlin and Krakow and even the mountainous regions of Slovakia and Austria.

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North & South Loops

Get a load of history and culture in some of Europe's most spectacular cities with the added bonus of great food and magnificent scenery. From the bright lights of Paris to the red lights of Amsterdam. 

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North & West Loops

From the sophisticated tastes of the north to the passionate south, these regions will show you how diverse Europe can be. Climb the Eifel tower before exploring Amsterdam's canals and coffee houses and then stop for a few beers in a Munich beerhall. 

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East & South Loops

This itinerary is nutritious and delicious. See Eastern Europe at its sweet architectural best in Budapest, Krakow and Vienna, Party beside the salty seas in Croatia, and taste the delectable Italy. You’ll be smitten with every destination you come across

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East & West Loops

East meets West is not a culture clash on these two loops, but a symphony of history, sightseeing and fun. You’ll delve deeper into local history in Krakow and Bratislava; soaking your tired legs in the thermal baths of Budapest; and gorging on tapas until the early hours in Madrid. 

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South & West Loops

If it's extremes you're looking for, you'll find them on the West and South Loops. The warmest beaches, the highest mountains and the best food. Marvel at Bavarian castles, float down Venetian canals, eat all the gelato you can and then work it off in the extreme sports haven of Lauterbrunnen.

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North, East & South Loops

This trip is great if you’re terrible at decisions; because it includes everything. If you just want to party, you can spend your days in Split. If you want to feast your eyes upon mountains then you can spend your days in the Swiss Alps. There’s no hurry to decide what type of traveller you are on this trip.

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North, East & West Loops

This combination of loops will make you giddy with excitement.  One week you might be hiking through the green pastures of the Austrian Alps, and the next you’ll be surfing like a pro on the beautiful Basque coast.

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North, South & West Loops

Our three original loops combined. It’s a travel itinerary that lets you discover the most famous sights of continental Western Europe, while also discovering some of its hidden gems.

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East, West & South Loops

Feast on fresh pasta with sundried tomatoes in Italy, savour stinkingly good French cheese and be tempted by beautiful patisseries in Paris. The food is always good in Europe and this Itinerary will prove it. 

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North, East, South & West Loops

This is it. The Big One. The daddy of them all. This is doing Europe 'Big Style'. Well, can we really favour one loop over the other? All those sights, culture, history, beer, wine, food and people? Not really.

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