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Explore Loops

Loops enable you to focus on a specific region of Europe or cover the entire network. We've broken the network down into 3 simplified bite-size chunks, each of which will give you a fantastic adventure. You can combine any 2 or all 3 loops to design your ideal trip and break up your travels at any stop – simply fly back and start where you left off.

How does it work?:

    • You choose a loop
    • Plan how long you want at each destination
    • Jump between loops at intersecting cities
    • Have the time of your life
  • North and South Loop

    Get a load history and culture in some of Europe's most spectacular cities with the added bonus of great food and magnificent scenery...

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  • North and West Loop

    From the sophisticated tastes of the north to the passionate south, these regions will show you how diverse Europe can be.

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  • North Loop

    Old World charm, magnificent architecture and ancient customs make this one of the most fascinating regions of Europe.

    North Loop will take you to the most captivating cultural cities. Priceless artwork, beautiful castles, stunning scenery and incredible beer are standard.

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  • North, West and South Loop

    This is it. The Big One. The daddy of them all. This is doing Europe 'Big Style'.

    Well, can we really favour one area over the other? All those sights, culture, history, beer, wine, food and people? ......

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  • South Loop

    From the decadence of Italy to the majesty of the Alps, every day is pure hedonism. A South Loop will enchant you with the romance, food and history of Italy plus the awe inspiring beauty of Switzerland.

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  • West and South Loop

    If it's extremes you're looking for, you'll find them on the West and South Loops with the warmest beaches, the highest mountains and the best food Europe has to offer.

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  • West Loop

    A West Loop will take you to the best of France, Spain and stunning Switzerland. Cycle through ancient vineyards and salsa dance the night away!


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