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The joke 'if it's baroque, don't fix it' is a perfect maxim for Salzburg; the tranquil Old Town burrowed in below steep hills looks as much as it did when Mozart lived here 250 years ago. Its cobbled streets are overshadowed by ornate 17th-century buildings, which are in turn dominated by the medieval Hohensalzburg fortress from high above.  Across the fast-flowing Salzach River rests the baroque Schloss Mirabell, surrounded by gorgeous manicured gardens.

Things you may not know!

  • The Salzburg Dom opened in 1968 and is the cities most popular attraction.
  • Don't buy your Mozart balls in the local stalls or shops the supermarkets are much cheaper!
  • Eat on the right side of the river.  The restaurants in the centre are over priced, the small side alleys offer some of the best value grub.

1. Hohensalzburg Fortress

Sitting atop the hill surrounding the city, this medieval fortress is over 900 years old and looks down as you wander the streets. It is worth the walk (or funicular) up the hill to explore further inside the grounds where there is a fortress museum, galley, torture chamber and lookout tower. After paying a visit to the fortress, wander alongside the hills on the walking tracks for beautiful places to take photographs of the city.

2. Mirabell Palace

The Mirabell Palace is not only a historic world heritage site, but it is also the place where you can skip and dance through the beautifully manicured gardens just like the Von Trapp family did in The Sound of Music. The gardens and grounds are free to wander, and you can go inside the Palace. There are also many classical music performances held throughout the year.

3. Hellbrunn Palace

Designed during the Renaissance, the beautiful Hellbrunn Palace is famous for its extensive manicured gardens and water features or trick fountains that were installed by its designer. The original pavilion from The Sound of Music in the famous scene and song ‘I am 16 going on 17’ now lives in these gardens. The Palace is located just south of the city centre and is easy enough to get there by bus.

4. Hangar #7

The co-founder of Red Bull Energy Drink founded the collection of ‘Flying Bull’ vintage aircrafts as well as helicopters, motorcycles and Formula 1 cars in this cutting-edge contemporary gallery. There is a gourmet restaurant on sight that flies in celebrity guest chefs to prepare foods for a whole month, and also the Mayday Bar that focuses on 'smart' food that caters to the mind and body.

5. The Salzburger Dom

The biggest of all the city’s churches, the Salzburger Cathedral dates back to the 17th century and is an important local landmark. There are three bronze doors that symbolize faith, hope and charity to the locals.


1. Augustiner Bräu - Kloster Mülln

The old monastery of Mülln’s pub, the ‘Braustübl’ is an extremely popular place to meet and have a beer that they have skilfully mastered brewing beer since the 17th century. The establishment is Austria’s largest beer inn, and is so rich in character and tradition it makes for the perfect meeting place. Inside, servers fill the beer steins from wooden barrels which give that unique taste. There is also a small arcade of shops and market stalls where you can purchase traditional Austrian food and snacks. There is a wonderfully big beer garden out the back that is perfect on a warm summer’s day to relax in and enjoy a beer and some traditional food.

2. Demel

Demel Café is famous in Vienna as the café that invented the Sacher Torte. The Café in Salzburg with the same name occupies the first floor terrace of a building and overlooks Mozartplatz. The café is a very popular place to have coffee and café as the cakes are known to be some of the best in town. It’s not the cheapest place in town, but it certainly is the best in terms of location and quality.

3. Die Wiesse

This restaurant is a beautiful venue with themed décor in each of its dining rooms. But it’s not just a beautiful setting, there is a microbrewery whose trademark is the Weissbier (a cloudy wheat beer with the yeast not taken out) that makes a perfect accompaniment to the Austrian food on offer.

4. Stiftskeller St Peter

The historic Stiftskeller St Peter, founded in the 9th century is one of the oldest restaurants in Austria today. They serve up traditional Austrian dishes in a romantic atmosphere such as tafelspitz and Salzburger Nockerl, There is the option to eat in the ornate Baroque hall whilst musicians in costume perform some of Mozart’s greatest hits.

5. Flöckner

If you’re looking for a scrumptious breakfast then Flöckner is a great choice in the city. There is a range of tasty pastries, muesli and yoghurt and coffee to enjoy. During the day sandwiches, soups, pizza and a wide range of drinks are also offered here too.


1. Steinterrasse Café

For a breath-taking panoramic view over Salzburg, head to the rooftop patio of Steinterrasse Café. Here you can enjoy a cool drink and soak up the view above the city.

2. Monkeys Bar

For the perfect place to meet up with some friends, enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail, then dance the night away by the River Salzach, Monkeys Bar is the one. With its position on the river, it offers a fabulous view of the Fortress Hohensalzburg from its patio area. .

3. Shamrock Irish Pub

For a good time, the Shamrock Irish Pub is the best place suited to everyone looking for a chilled out environment. They have sports on the big screen & live music playing every day, plus a snooker table for those wanting to show their skills.

4. Daimlers

Daimlers is a trendy bar in the New Town that holds regular dance nights. On other nights it’s just a good place to hang out and have a drink.

5. L9

Located in a Gablerbräu cellar chamber, this new, trendy and modern bar has live bands and big name DJ’s playing on different occasions.

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Like my Busabout Guide, I love the Sound Of Music, and the tour we did didn't disappoint."

Tracey, USA