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Quaint & Quirky

Crowned by a stunning castle, and centred on an old-town square, Český Krumlov's Renaissance and baroque buildings enclose the meandering arc of the Vltava River. For too many travellers, Český Krumlov is just a hurried day trip, but its combination of glorious architecture and waterborne fun deserves more attention. 

Top Tips

  • Most people who visit Cesky Krumlov come as a day trip from Prague, so by 5pm the hordes have gone and the town becomes more local
  • Cesky means ‘Czech town’ and Krumlov means ‘crooked meadow,’
  • Cesky Krumlov is haunted by many ghosts, like the lady in white. She appears mostly around the huge castle. If she is wearing white gloves she means you no harm, but if she appears to you wearing black gloves then run for the hills!

1. Cesky Krumlov Castle

The castle complex of over forty different building and palaces, gardens, courtyards and a moat is rumored to be the second largest in Europe dating from the 13th century onwards. You can wander through the courtyards and gardens of Český Krumlov Castle for free, or do several different guided tours to see parts of the complex such as the Renaissance and Baroque apartments, the Castle Tower or the remarkable Rococo Theatre. For great views you can climb the castle tower or head out into the castle gardens to get some picture-postcard views.

2. Marionette Museum

The former church of St Jobst today houses the town’s collection of marionette puppets from the 17th century onwards. There is also a complete puppet theatre so you can see the stage design from the 19th century. The owner of the museum Mary will take you through the museum and explain a bit about the puppets themselves giving you information on the history, characters and different styles of puppets.

3. Egon Schiele Museum

Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter who lived and worked in Cesky Krumlov for two years, his mother’s hometown, before being chased away by the local townsfolk for drawing nude portraits of their teenage daughters. Nowadays some of his art is located in a former brewery with other famous artists occasionally making an appearance.

4. Torture Museum

With nearly 100 torture items on display and historical engravings contained in the cellar of an old building, the mystical torture museum is a quick thrill. Wax figures, sound effects and even two special audio-visual effects of a witch burning and sword execution enhance the experience.

5. Eggenberg Brewery

There has been a tradition of brewing beer in this town since its founding. In 1560, the brewery was founded and still brews its local stuff to this day. The Eggenberg brand of brew has quickly become very well-known and popular in the country. Guided tours are taken here daily taking you through the history of the complex, the tradition of brewing and sampling at the end.


1. Eggenberg Brewery

This old brewery has a huge restaurant where you can get traditional meals at a price so affordable you can go back for seconds! Some dishes to try are the dumplings, goulash and the ‘Svickova’ which is roast beef in a light gravy sauce, with cranberry jam and whipped cream – absolutely delicious. Another good reason to go is that the local beer the Eggenberg, tastes best straight from the brewery.

2. MLS Creperie

On the main street out the main square you’ll find this tiny little place that makes sweet and savory crepes. They also sell the traditional trdelnik (long round bready donut covered in sugar and cinnamon), great coffee and beer.

3. Cikánská Jízba / Gypsy Bar

The Gypsy Bar is tucked away in the backstreets of the Old Town. They sell some fantastic local pub style food and also have local gypsy bands playing for you a few days of the week. The bar was voted the best in Cesky Krumlov in a local travel magazine because of its great atmosphere and food.

4. Deli 99

This cute deli will steal your heart with its freshly made filled baked baguettes, bagels and pastries. It’s a really nice place to go and grab a coffee, sit down with a newspaper and chill out for a while.

5. Krčma v Šatlavské

Not too far from the main square you’ll find this cozy little medieval tavern where a jailhouse used to sit. This barbecue cellar restaurant is always filled with tourists and locals indulging on food like the onion soup in a bread bowl or grilled meats from the fire all illuminated by candle light.


1. Gorilla Bar

This grungy bar spread over two floors is a great place to go for a rocker’s style night out. There are two bars inside spread across 5 rooms, with seriously cheap drinks.

2. Apotheke Cafe Bar

The Apotheke Café Bar is located inside an old pharmacy with décor to suit with medicine bottles and dusty shelves. You’ll find a great menu of drinks with good service.

3. Dobra Cajovna - Tea Terrace

This small teahouse takes you away from everything and transports you to a faraway place. There are 80 different types of tea to choose from with something sure to suit your taste. Whilst sipping away on your tea, you can also chill on the pillow lounge and puff away on a shisha pipe.

4. Traveller’s Hostel Bar

Cesky Krumlov doesn’t exactly have wild nightlife, but if you wanted to have a big night in town, Traveller’s Hostel Bar is the place to go. The bar is popular with both locals and tourists for getting together and socializing. They play live music several times a month and close depending on how busy they are.

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Wonderful. I now dream of living here!"

David, Edinburgh