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Eastern Europe

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Think you've explored Europe but never been East? Then think again. Once the 'Eastern Bloc', this was unknown territory to the Western World for decades, hidden behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet control. No longer off limits, today the youthful buzz and super vibe of  iconic cities like Krakow and Budapest combine with some of Europe’s most stunning scenery and incredible culture to make the East the place to be…

Not convinced?  Imagine melting into a thermal bath under the stars in Budapest then clubbing the night away in Krakow; breathing in the warm coastal breeze of the Dalmatian Coast and hearing the call to prayer in Istanbul; walking in history in Gallipoli then discovering the hustle and bustel of modern day Athens - these are places you may only have heard of; but their history, culture, landscapes and people will blow your mind.

Our Comrades

We believe in keeping things simple, just as travelling on a budget should be. Priding ourselves on our close relationships with local characters who strengthen our ties with the region, allow us to support local business and reinforce our local knowledge, our Treks have all been built around the same principals – our favourite spots, outstanding and exceptional places to stay, the coolest places to eat and drink and the best peeps to show it all to you. All that's missing are people who think like us - people who love travel and have a great time doing it. If that sounds like you then these trips have your name on them.

How we roll

The style of these Treks allow you to meet everyone on board as we have a max group size of 39 passengers.  There are some group dinners, optional activities, shared accommodation and plenty of free time to get to know fellow travellers. The pace is easy going; you'll experience cities where you'll be busy and then smaller towns where you can sit back and relax, ultimately giving you the best of both worlds and the ultimate travelling experience.

Top tips for Trekkers

Eastern Europe enjoys a warm spring, hot summers and a pleasant autumn. It can rain though so ensure you bring a rain proof jacket. A good set of walking/casual shoes is essential along with comfy clothes for exploring, but make sure to bring some glad rags too - this way you'll get into clubs and top bars, as well as being comfortable when you're travelling.

In general Eastern Europe offers the budget traveller exceptional value for money. This means your cash goes a lot further here, so whether it's castles, mosques or churches; mountains, beaches or lakes; pubs, clubs and vodka, you'll get more bang for your buck.

Most activities are included plus breakfasts, entrance fees and most city orientation walks. You’ll need spending money for food, drinks, optional activities and souvenirs, but budgeting €30 - €40 per day should see you through. A lot of countries in the East still use their own currencies, so taking money out of ATMs is generally considered easiest.  Credit cards are accepted but check first, and the Euro is sometimes accepted in place of their own currency.  Your guide will always make sure you know the best place to exchange money though, so if you’re travelling with €’s you can change them up as you go in to local currency, making dealing with all the different currencies super easy.