What's it like?

What's it like?

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PompeiiProving that a day can last a lifetime, the shortest of our adventures offers some amazing highlights. Here are some of the best.

Italy highlights


One of the world's most famous archaeological sites; a guided tour of this buried city offers an incredible insight into how life was lived in Roman times, and the ferocity of the volcanic eruption that destroyed it in AD 79. Visit the remains of villas, temples, the amphitheatre (and even a brothel) and gaze upon the frescos and casts of buried victims as history comes to life before your eyes.

La Grotta Azura, Capri

One of Capri's most famous sights and the inspiration for writers and artists alike, the Blue Grotto is stunning. Previously feared as the home to witches and sea monsters, it is accessible only by boat and an optional extra on our Capri island cruise. From our boat, hop down into a little paddle boat steered by opera singing boatmen who’ll paddle you to the entrance of the Grotto.  So low you’ll have to lie down in the boat and wait for the tide to help push you inside; as the looming rock face passes above a cavernous, watery world opens up in front of you, the stunning electric blue of the water inside lighting up the entire cavern with a sapphire glow. Impossible to put in to words, this is something you truly have to see to believe.

Monte Solaro chairlift, Capri

Rising above the gorgeous main town of Capri lies Anacapri, the sleepy upper town which is home to the Monte Solaro chairlift.  For just a few €s you can take the round trip and witness the jaw dropping beauty of Capri in all its glory, a leafy emerald and amber paradise nestled in the turquoise waters of the Bay of Naples under the imposing shadow of the mighty Vesuvius – prepare to be wowed…

Star Spotting in Capri

Capri is a star spotter’s paradise, and whether it’s Naomi Campbell strutting down the beach or Gerard Butler and Leo Di Caprio trying out the local cuisine, the island is the playground of the rich and famous.  Eyes peeled and cameras at the ready ladies – you have been warned!

Paper Making, Amalfi

Although almost all the local studios have now died out, paper making is a traditional art across the Amalfi Coast and culture vultures can head with us to check out one of the last remaining family run studios and a paper making demonstration.  With a cave like interior strung with drying paper of all colours, types, patterns and sizes, the owners still make paper in the traditional way; producing some of the most beautiful, fragile designs and incredible prints in their tiny studio nestled in the heart of Amalfi, and giving us a unique insight in to the culture of the region.

Southern Italy boasts some of country's finest food and drink, and a trip here wouldn't be complete without trying:

The top Italian foods

Fresh seafood

If the crystal clear turquoise waters don't convince you just walk past any restaurant and inhale the awesome aromas carried on the breeze - the seafood here is amongst the freshest and tastiest in Europe and the Italians know just how to cook it.  Try 'spaghetti alle vongole' (with clams), 'spaghetti marinara' (with a mix of shellfish), calamari, simple grilled fish or any other sea creature that takes your fancy - you won't be disappointed.


Thin and crispy or thick and fluffy, Italian love to argue over which region has the best pizza and are fiercely proud of their local pizza style.  Arguments aside though, it’s widely agreed that pizza originates from Naples and the Campania region (home to Sorrento), and even the most patriotic Romans, Venetians and Milanese might agree that the pizza here is fluffier, fresher and more delicious than anywhere else.  What’s more, at around €5 for a huge Margherita, it’s a culinary experience you can’t afford to miss...


Cars, fashion, food – as the t-shirt says, Italians do it better!   Technically a simple slushy, the mix of crushed ice and local Sorrentine lemons (or rich, powerful Italian coffee) is a traditional Southern Italian drink and is the most refreshing way to cool down in the Sorrentine heat…


Made from the zest of Sorrento lemons and 32% alcohol, this traditional liquor is said to aid digestion, is available in wide variety of flavours and will knock your socks off – awesome, traditional and medicinal!


Italian wine needs no introduction, and in a country full of awesome tipples the Campania region holds its own with the little Aglianico grape.  Less famous than many others, this grape produces awesome, full bodied, deep crimson wines, and a glass or two sipped in the glow of the Sorrento sunset is a must try…