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Flamenco Dancer

For a travelling destination that has it all look no further than Spain – fun filled festivals, awesome history, wicked nightlife, amazing food and serious culture, Spain is one of the brightest jewels of Europe.  From Flamenco to Bullfighting, for all things typically Spanish the South is the place to be and the Iberian Adventure is the trip to be on!  Too full of highlights to list them all, check out the below for our top tips, and get ready for a taste of the real Spain in all its glory…

Iberian must do's

Seville – the capital of Andalucia

Awesome architecture, beautiful boulevards, fab shopping, great food and all the warmth and zest of true Andalucian culture – for all this and more Seville is the place to be.  Explore it with your Busabout guide, then jump on the fab optional city tour and get to know the city like a local – awesome!

Partying in Lagos, Portugal

Narrow, winding streets filled to the brim with hidden clubs, bars and restaurants, gorgeous beaches and crystal clear azure waters combine to make Lagos a true partyers paradise.  Stuff yourself silly on seafood, bum around on the golden beaches then hit the clubs till the morning light – perfect!

The Alhambra, Granada

Sultans, concubines and Spanish royals, the Alhambra has an incredible history rivalled only by its overwhelming beauty, and the most visited attraction in Spain is a total must-do.  Marvel at the stunning Moorish palace, the mind boggling mosaics, exquisite carvings and the beautiful Generalife gardens as you listen to the tales of the people who once walked its hallowed halls – totally awe inspiring…

Flamenco in Granada

The Spanish believe in ‘El Duende’ – the spirit of evocation and a demon who battles with the artist and brings them face to face with death, irrationality and passion (phew!)  This battle is often cited as the spirit of Flamenco, Spain’s visually stunning and evocative traditional dance - the embodiment of the passion and vivacity of its people and culture and something that shouldn’t be missed, as stunning dancers perform intricate moves to emotive Spanish guitar whilst the musician spins tales of angst, love and war – intense, passionate and truly beautiful…

We at Busabout love to eat, and there’s nothing better than sampling delicious local delicacies when you’re travelling round Europe.  Spain and Portugal, home of tapas, amazing seafood and a variety of summery alcoholic drinks, is a gourmet’s paradise.  The best way to experience this is to do as the locals do – visit tiny tapas bars and local restaurants and drink and snack till the early hours.  Here are some of our favourites to whet your appetite...

Jamon Iberico

Cured for at least 12 months before being approved for sale, you'll run into these cured hams all around southern Spain.  Smokey, salty and full of flavour, try it sliced in any of the local tapas bars or restaurants for a truly delicious meat experience.


Soaked in garlic or stuffed with anchovies or almonds and great as a quick snack with tapas - it's tough to go anywhere in Spain without running into these bad boys, and for a delicious nutritious snack look no further.


Delicious rice, fresh seafood and local meat, all served in a big pot to share with your mates – there’s nothing not to love about this traditional dish. 

Portuguese seafood

Lagos has the hat trick – great partying, great beaches and seriously great food!  Right on the ocean, the seafood is the freshest around and in every restaurant prawns, fresh fish and some cracking crustaceans lie in wait – seriously delicious.

Pastel de Nata

One of the most famous Portuguese deserts, this egg custard pastry is available worldwide but is at its best in its birthplace.  Created by two Catholic nuns in the 18th century, just about every cake shop in Lagos will serve this little slice of heaven, a must try for sweet tooth’s everywhere.

Bull’s Tail

For a taste of the traditional look no further than Rado del Toro (bull's tail). Originally from Cordoba, the meat is cooked up in a rich stew with vegetables, onions, wine and spices and is popular in many parts of Spain – carnivores, get in there!

Tinto de Verano

Easily confused with Sangria, Tinto de Verano is red wine mixed with any number of soft drinks including lemonade, orangeade or club soda.  Much much much nicer than it sounds, try it with lemon for a super refreshing taste of Spain…


Red wine with coca cola…this little mix packs a powerful punch, is super popular with Spanish teenagers and for peeps on a budget is a cheap caffeine and alcohol blast for those long, sultry Spanish nights….

Iberian nightlife

Vibrant, passionate and seriously fun loving, in Spain any time is a good time to party and some truly awesome nightlife awaits on the Iberian Adventure. Bubbling student towns Granada and Seville don’t wake up till the sun goes down, Lagos is a hedonistic party paradise and Madrid boasts some damn fine clubs of its own. For a taste of what’s to come check out the below, and get your dancing shoes ready for the time of their life…


Beaches, bars and sunshine; Lagos has all you need for a great time and the party capital of Portugal doesn’t disappoint.  Get your game face on as we head on our legendary pub crawl round Lagos, hitting up three of the most popular bars on the Algarve coast.  First up - Joe’s Garage, for cheap cocktail buckets, the ‘bomb squad’, wicked tunes and an awesome vibe.  Then it’s on to the 9 deadly sins challenge at Whyte's bar before the fishbowl drinks of Inside Out….wherever you end up this city goes off, so grab a drink, jump on the bar and expect the unexpected!


With over 65,000 students the party vibe in Seville is super laid back and fun loving, and the balmy summer nights are the perfect setting for some fab partying.  Follow the crowds through the city centre (stopping for tapas and Tinto de Verano at any of the awesome little bars on the way) and head down to the river where the major clubs lay waiting….


Granada, city of stunning Moorish heritage, has an uber-stylish mix of drinking establishments to keep you going to the morning light.  Ranging from classy wine bars (with free tapas), funky cocktail lounges and chilled out shisha bars, the mix is chilled out, diverse and beautiful, with a party scene as cool as the city itself – awesome.


Madrid, the start and end location of our tour, is the perfect place for a little pre or post tour partying.  From bullfighting to Flamenco, this place is steeped in passion, excitement and ‘mucha marcha’ spirit, and from the Tablao flamenco bars to the awesome clubs of Puerta del Sol, Arenal street and Calle Atocha you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to strutting your stuff till the sun comes up.