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Travel with a freespirit

Adventures make sure you get the best out of your trip abroad.  The Guides know all the parties and stories. The itineraries explore hidden gems and must see sights. And there's plenty of free time for you to do all the things that you like to do. 


  • Expert Guides
  • Plenty of free time
  • Pick-up and drop-off at accommodation
  • Accommodation upgrades available 
Italian Adventure

Italian Adventure - 3 Days

Italy is in a league of its own. It has style, it has passion, stunning history and a culture few fail to fall in love with.

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Spain and portugal

Spain & Portugal - 7 Days

Gorge yourself on tapas, witness emotive Flamenco in its spiritual home. Head over into Lagos with beaches, awesome night life and venture further into Morocco for a night on the African Coast. 

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Classic Rhapsody

Eastern Europe Trips - From 3 days

The ultimate Eastern European experience. Bustling iconic cities, national parks, mountains,  Croatian Coastlines and off the beaten track destinations.

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Turkey Aegean Adventure

Turkey Trips - From 7 Days


These trips will immerse you in Turkish Culture. You'll taste the history , drink in all it's past glory and you can dip your toes in the Mediterranean's' soothing waters.

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Ibiza Blast

Ibiza Trips - From 4 Days

The Balearics are a group of gorgeous sun-kissed island close to the Spanish mainland in the Mediterranean Sea. Party in the hottest, most happening destination, then seriously chill, this is a trip of a lifetime.

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Scandi-Baltic Adventure - 8 Days

Expect some cool Scandinavian glitz, sublime sea cruises and loads of lavishly larger than life places that really make this part of the world one of the sexiest of Europe.

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Morocco Imperieal Cites

Morocco - From 5 Days

Have your mind blown by Morocco's incredible culture and sights. Vast deserts, mystic towns and bustling markets.Choose what you want to see and pick the perfect trip for you. 


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Cambodia Adventure

Asia Adventures - From 2 Days


There’ll be towering temples, sandy dance floors, wise stories and all the scrumptious food you can eat. Pick one trip, combine a couple or even link up the whole lot!

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Southern Winter track

Winter Trips - From 4 Days

Do winter the European way. Cosy fires, massive parties and snowy mountains.

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SKye High

Scotland & Ireland Adventures - From 3 Days

HAGGiS Adventures offer award winning tours around Scotland.  Shamrocker Adventures. Wild, authentic and Irish adventures.

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