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Our resident Angel of Independent Travellers can convert you from Sinner to Winner!

The fact is, there is so much good stuff out there. Why deny yourself the pleasure? Some of it is fun, some of it thrilling and quite a large part of it is a wee bit naughty. Here’s our step by step guide on how to have a really good time.

9 European countries, 33 destinations, one hop-on hop-off travel pass. Busabout Explorer gives you the freedom to explore, experience and exceed your expectations in some of the finest cities on the planet. And with no time limits you can have it all, when and where you want it. Go for it!

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Admit it. Part of the thrill of travel is telling everyone back home what you are up to. And knowing they are seething with jealousy. It’s what Facebook was invented for. Well, our Ibiza Island Hopper should make them turn green.

When you’re partying until the sun rises in one of the world’s hippest clubs on the sun-kissed island of Ibiza, think of your mate and his dreary day job. You shouldn’t. But you will!

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Seven million litres of beer. Half a million chickens. And sausages? Well…a lot. This is the only beer festival on the planet that truly matters. You want excess? Oktoberfest is where it is taken to an art form. Not the time of year to start that diet. And yes, burping is compulsory.

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Who’s the proudest of the Celts? The fanatical Scots or feisty Irish? Don’t even try to answer. Both have a patriotism that will make you love their homeland as much as they do. You’ll be wearing tartan and supping Guinness before you know it. Enough pride and passion to give you goose bumps.

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Yes, pretty much everyone’s favourite sin. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and when you come to the country where she was once worshipped you will understand what the Ancient Greeks were on about. And what is not to love here? Partying all night then relaxing all day on the beach surrounded by lush, tanned beauties. Sun, sea, sand and s… (you get the picture).

Experience the delights of Greece on our Greek Island Flexi-hopper and the Classic Balkan Treks

The award for country with the most insane festivals goes to Spain. No contest really. If having a ton of beef chase you down a narrow street or

going into battle armed only with tomatoes is your idea of fun then get ready. Neither takes any prisoners. It’s fight or flight!

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Imagine cruising along the pearly Adriatic, lazing on deck with a cold beer, topping up the tan, then cooling off with a refreshing swim in the sea. The effort needed to rub in some more sun cream? Agony. Meanwhile the cook is preparing some freshly caught seafood for dinner. Nothing to do all day and all day to do it in… Bliss.

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